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About Us

Our Mission: Providing High-quality On-site Physiotherapy care to improve the Health, Wellness and Productivity in the Workplace Why Choose myPhysio2go? Convenience. Effective. Up-to-date. Not everyone has the time to go where they want, where they want. As a mobile Physiotherapy clinic, we can provide on-site Physiotherapy in the comfort and convenience of your workplace. We […]

On-site Physiotherapy

  Many employees suffer from a variety of repetitive strain injuries such as: Tennis/Golfer’s elbow Carpal tunnel DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis Head/neck/shoulder tension Low back pain Numbness and Tingling in extremities Shoulder impingement Rotator cuff tendonitis Our Physiotherapists have effectively treated many of these conditions and prevented many more from occurring.  Take a workplace injury survey of […]

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