Therapeutic Taping

Taping is the process of applying tape on the skin to either promote or limit movement. The choice of tape used depends on the injury.

The conventional athletic tape, which is a stiff white tape is used to promote stability and to limit movement. The tape is placed in a way so that joints are splinted in a stable position to prevent further injury and promote healing.

Athletic tape is used to prevent joint sprains (ie. ankle sprains, finger sprains, etc.).

The elastic tape (e.g. kinesiotape, spider-tech tape) is made of cotton and acrylic and is meant to mimic the human skin. Its main function is to promote proper movement and circulation, and to reduce swelling.

Elastic therapeutic tape is used for conditions such as muscle and ligament sprain/strains, tendonitis, and patellofemoral pain (a.k.a jumper’s knee).