Corporate Physiotherapy for the Vancouver area

raise productivity by promoting physical health

Education for your staff

1. We can educate your staff/organization on how  pain and discomfort and be prevented, managed or treated successfully. We can also help educate and give tips/strategies on proper posture and body alignment. We can lead exercise sessions for your staff focusing on stretching and strengthening exercises.

2. Participate in your organization’s Health and Wellness Fair : To answer any questions your staff may have

3. Monthly Articles (Health Tips)

Working with us is easy

With our corporate physiotherapy service, we schedule a time that works for your organization and our therapists, and arrange regular on-site physiotherapy care. (i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, as determined by need).

What we require

All we will need is a space for us to practice. This can be a room or space in the office, or in an area of a gym(we can provide partitions if needed). We bring our equipment on site and will take down when we are finished. There is no cost for your organization to bring us in.

Easy online booking

Our bookings are conveniently managed online. Patients will be reminded by email of their upcoming appointments.

Payment processing

We can bill directly to each client’s extended health benefits, minimizing paperwork and out of pocket expenses.