Many sports injuries occur from over-training, poor postures/ techniques, or trauma. Many people injure themselves and think that it ‘will just go away’, leaving the injury to worsen with time. In some cases the pain and inflammation will go away, but once you continue your exercise, the problem ensues. Physiotherapists can help athletes return to their sport faster by promoting quicker resolution of inflammation and helping the body rebuild proper muscle/ connective tissue. In addition our physiotherapists can provide proper strengthening and flexibility of key muscles are important to prevent injuries from recurring.

A great way to prevent injuries is warming up. Proper warm up before exercise is key to prevent muscle strains and joint sprains. Warming up helps the body increase circulation to the appropriate muscles allowing them to be more flexible before doing intense exercise. A muscle strain occurs when the muscle is overstretched causing many microtears in the muscle fiber itself resulting in local pain, stiffness, discoloration, and bruising.

By warming up prior to exercise, the muscle can work into its required length, thus preventing muscle strains. Warm-ups increase body temperature and facilitates oxygen delivery to specific muscles and facilitates quicker muscle recruitment, therefore allowing faster muscle contractions and relaxations optimizing your performance. For more information on how you can prevent injuries, or about your own particular injury e-mail our therapists at, or call us at 604-729-2983.