Mike is very professional and attentive. He listens and takes time to explain. He’s very friendly and is always on time with his appointments. I’m very happy my work place is offering mobile physiotherapy services; it is very convenient because I could go to my appointment during my lunch break without leaving my office. Thanks Mike!

Liz is talented, and wonderful at what she does. She conducts a thorough assessment, gives lots of practical advice, treats the problem efficiently, and provides easy-to-follow exercises for home care. I have been seeing her for a back issue, with symptoms referring down my leg. She has tackled the problem from a few angles now, and I have experienced a great deal of relief. I am very grateful for her care. She is also very pleasant and nice to work with.

I recently developed a severe tennis elbow. I know the only way to really cure it is to rest it, but I’m stubborn – being an extreme athlete and all – NOT…but stubborn yes. I decided to see Mike. He was very helpful and very practical. Ofcourse he told me to rest but he also saw me to be stubborn and not wanting to rest. His treatment was targeted, extremely effective and most importantly Mike understood how to balance between treatment and use. After 4 sessions now, I can say the pain has gone from a 8/10 to 4/10 – and I’m playing more again. Thanks Mike.!

I’ve only been treated by Liz a couple of times and in such a short time, she’s managed to give me so much relief. I’ve been doing the dry needling/IMS treatments and even though that type of treatment can be a bit intimidating – she’s been so informative, confident in her treatment, and overall very supportive in helping me feel better. I can finally get some good sleep all thanks to Liz! Can’t wait for my next treatment (and I JUST went yesterday:P)

Liz is excellent! I saw her last year for a left frozen shoulder. The problem was resolved in a few treatments. I have seen a massage therapist and another physiotherapist. Nobody did it but her. She is excellent. This year I’m going to see her for elbow pain in both arm. She uses different techniques. I am quite confident it’s going to get better.

Very Impressed. Liz did a very thorough assessment and was able to provide me with specific exercises to help strengthen my leg following a total hip replacement. I was pleasantly surprised after having seen several other physios who weren’t particularly helpful. I would highly recommend her services.

Every time I go I leave feeling 100% better, Liz has been extremely helpful and is very knowledgeable as well as updated on current treatment modalities. She will provide you with exercises in order to improve your function and be able to maintain the progress you’ve made working with her.

Elizabeth is a professional and dedicated physiotherapist who brings a warm-hearted approach to her clients. Her genuine interest and motivation to support her clients’ recovery is much appreciated. Thank you for all you’ve done for me! You’re a crucial part of my healthcare team!

My colleague recommended me to go to Mike last summer for neck and shoulder pain, and it’s conveniently at my workplace. I really like the various techniques Mike uses in his treatment, combining east and west techniques. And he also showed me exercises to do on my own, all very effective. When I injured my back 2 months ago, I went back to Mike for treatment. I highly recommend him.

Thank you Mike for providing your mobile physio services here at WSBC Richmond! It was without a doubt a timely service for me!! I injured my left shoulder in Dec 2012 but chose to ignore the issue until it got progressively worse. I kept postponing seeking help until your service came here and I had no further excuses putting the treatment off. Your professional help was wonderful and it has exceeded my expectation. I did not expect to receive acupuncture for physio but I had to admit that it was essential and helpful. My shoulder recovery was remarkable with your treatment and guidance. I will highly recommend you and your service to be rendered at our Workplace.

If you’re thinking about getting treatment, but you aren’t sure…do it! I’m over 40, play hockey and often have an injury for Liz to work on. With a combination of ultrasound, interferential, acupuncture and exercises, I’ve never felt stronger or more confident that I’m going to be able to be fit and active for years to come. I can play as hard as I want and know that if I hurt myself, Liz will be there to help get me back on the road to recovery quickly. Liz Ng is a caring, knowledgeable, and resourceful professional. You won’t regret making the call!

MyPhysio2Go is great! I’ve been attending physio for the past couple of months for a knee injury. Mike is excellent. He not only works on my knee, but take a total health approach. And it is so convenient to have the treatment at my place of work. I even do the homework he recommends, exercises etc. Feeling stronger all the time after months of discomfort.